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CCN Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Focus on the Family's trusted referral network!


To apply for the Christian Counselors Network, you must:
  • Hold a state mental health credential (a full or provisional license) as a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurse, Addiction treatment professional, Social Worker, Professional Counselor or Marriage & Family Therapist.
  • Be able to personally serve as the care provider for clients referred by Focus on the Family.
  • Have personal faith and values matching Focus on the Family's that integrate with your life and professional practice. (Learn more about Focus's Vision, Mission and Values HERE)

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this application process. Our constituents put a great deal of trust in our ministry to only refer to clinicians whose values on core issues align with that of Focus on the Family. We take the responsibility of their trust very seriously and, because of this, our application process is thorough and may take 3-4 weeks for a response. We commit to communicating with our applicants as quickly as possible.

Kim Riddell, 719-533-6718 (Phone); 719-548-4643 (Fax)


Before you begin your application, we will give you some helpful tips on how to complete your application. Please click "Next" to continue.